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The Wet Hair Brush Black
The Wet Hair Brush Black
The Wet Hair Brush Black
The Wet Hair Brush Black
The Wet Hair Brush Black
The Wet Hair Brush Black

Experience the soft, gentle touch of The Hair Brush! Its heat-resistant bristles make it perfect for use on wet or dry hair. Plus, its bristles won't pull or snag, so you can detangle and brush your hair worry-free. Pamper your hair and scalp with this long-lasting brush!


Gentle Detangling: Say goodbye to knots and tangles! Our Wet Hair Brush effortlessly detangles wet hair, leaving it smooth and manageable.

Ultra-Soft Bristles: Designed with your comfort in mind, our brush features ultra-soft bristles that provide a gentle massage while detangling your hair.

Heat Resistant: Our Wet Hair Brush is heat resistant, making it suitable for use with a hair dryer for quick and easy styling.

Dishwasher Safe: For added convenience, our brush can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher, allowing for easy sanitization after each use.

No Snagging, Pulling, or Ripping: Unlike traditional brushes, our Wet Hair Brush is specially designed to glide through hair without snagging, pulling, or ripping.

  1. Start with Wet Hair: Begin by washing your hair with your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Once out of the shower, gently towel dry excess moisture from your hair.
  2. Detangle with Ease: Using our Wet Hair Brush, start brushing from the ends of your hair and work your way up to the roots. The ultra-soft bristles will effortlessly glide through wet hair, detangling knots without causing damage.
  3. Style as Desired: Once your hair is detangled, style as desired using your favorite hair products. Our Wet Hair Brush can also be used to distribute styling products evenly throughout your locks.

Designed by a professional hair expert.

Hair care professionals recommend our Wet Hair Brush for its gentle yet effective detangling action, making it suitable for all hair types.

Experience the difference with Butter Beauty's Wet Hair Brush. Crafted with the highest quality materials and innovative design, our brush is the perfect blend of style and functionality for your hair care needs.

Crafted from premium-grade silicone, free from harmful chemicals or additives.

Designed with precision engineering to deliver superior performance and durability.